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Forever Curious Children’s Museum Summer Offerings

Are you looking for summer fun?  Forever Curious Children’s Museum is just the place!  In addition to Toddler Times and Super Saturday Programs, we have some very exciting summer camps this summer.

Summer camps are great way for your children to have fun while they learn!  Drop your children off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.  Museum staff and volunteers will supervise your children while they enjoy their camp time, lunch, and museum play time.

Here is a list of our upcoming summer camps please visit our website for cost and registration at: http://forevercuriousmuseum.org/programs/summer-camps/

Art Camps:

Join local artist, Erica Shirey for three very exciting art day camps this summer.  All art camps are great for children ages 7 and up!

  • July 14, 10AM to 3PM – Day of the Dead Art Camp: Children will learn all about the Mexican celebration of “The Day of the Dead” and study famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  Children will decorate skulls, make “PapelPicado” banners, craft tissue paper flowers, and create Kahlo-inspired self-portraits.
  • July 15, 10AM to 3PM – Collage and Assemblage Art Camp: Come and learn all about 2-dimensional Collage Art and 3-dimensional Assemblage Art gathering inspiration from some of our favorite artists like Pablo Picasso, Hannah Hoch, and Andre Brenton.
  • July 16, 10Am to 3PM – Printmaking and Sun Prints Art Camp: Children will learn about the printmaking process, use the sun and botanicals to make “Sun Prints,” and have the chance to make several of their own “limited edition,” one-of-a-kind etchings and prints!

3-day Summer Camps:

  • July 28 – 30, 10AM to 3PM – Rube Goldberg Summer Camp:  A Rube Goldberg Machine is a device or contraption that is deliberately over-engineered to perform a very simple task in a very complicated way.  The most common example of a Rube Goldberg Machine is the board game Mousetrap.  Children will design and create their own Rube Goldberg Machine! Great for ages 9-14!
  • August 11 – 13, 10AM to 3PM – Stop Motion Animation Camp:  In this summer camp, children will learn about the early stages of animation, including flip books and Zoetropes. Then, children will create their own animated short.  Great for ages 7 and up!

Toddler Time Events:

  • June 12, 11AM to Noon –  Letters to Disney:  Children ages 2-6 will enjoy practicing writing the letters of the alphabet and with the help of their parents, children will create a letter to their favorite Disney Character!  Then, send those letters off in the hopes of a surprise!
  • July 10,   11AM to Noon – Toddler Time Yoga:  Children and their parents will enjoy relaxing while doing child-friendly yoga poses.  Please bring your own mat or towel.Great for ages 1-6!
  • August 14, 11AM to Noon: Toddler Time Yoga:  Children and their parents will enjoy relaxing while doing child-friendly yoga poses.  Please bring your own mat or towel.Great for ages 1-6!

Super Saturday Events:

  • June 27, 10AM to 3PM –  Dinosaurs!:  Children of all ages will enjoy this day of dinosaur fun! See real fossils, create your own digital dinosaur, help put T-Rex back together, and more.
  • August 29, 10AM to 3PM –  Spy Hunt: Use your detective skills to catch that pesky criminal Robin Banks!  Great for ages 6 and up!

Community Events at Forever Curious

  • July 22,  10AM to 3PM – Doggy-Kitty Play Date:   Forever Curious Children’s Museum will be hosting a very special fund and supply raising event for Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance call Doggy-Kitty Play Date. With your paid admission and donation of money or supplies to the Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance, you will have the opportunity to spend some time with our furry visitors! The museum will also have fun pet themed games, activities to teach about pet ownership responsibilities, and information about pet adoption. Help us find Forever homes for our furry friends and raise funds and supplies for a great organization.

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