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It’s Your Money: Let’s Get It Back!

It is estimated that each year, the vast majority of North American manufacturers are owed hundreds of millions of dollars in overpaid sales and use tax; the majority of those going unclaimed due to the statute of limitations.  What share of that belongs to your company?  It’s your money: Let’s get it back!

The Allegan Area Chamber of Commerce, Allegan County Economic Development Commission, and West Michigan Works! are hosting an Eye-Opener Breakfast Series event on Thursday, June 1 at 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM at the Allegan County Area Technical and Education Center in partnership with National Auditing Services for businesses to learn how they can recapture dollars lost by overpaying sales & use taxes.

There are more than 250,000 manufacturing companies in the United States, encompassing nearly 10% of the U.S. work force and more than 10,000 taxing jurisdictions including state and local governments.  Most companies lack the resources to optimize their tax bills and the industry overpays its Sales and Use taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Do you ever wonder:
  • We have office equipment that is used in both general administration and industrial processing. How should this be taxed?
  • What is the difference between sales and use tax. When do these taxes apply?
  • Are packaging supplies used to ship our product taxable or exempt?
  • If property is used in both an exempt and taxable manner, can the exemption be pro-rated?
  • What is the difference between real property and tangible personal property?
Join us on Thursday, June 1 and get the answers.

As an international auditing company headquartered here in Michigan, National Auditing Services specializes in an auditing procedure known as Reverse Sales and Use Tax Recovery. For more than 20 years, National Auditing Services has helped hundreds of companies across the United States recover overpaid taxes related to their manufacturing operations. Their on-site audit process is quick and efficient and does not require staff downtime.  National Auditing Services assume all responsibility for filing all refund claims, including any follow-up correspondence.  The services are 100% contingency-based, meaning there are no up-front costs.

Click for online registration, or contact the Allegan Area Chamber of Commerce for more information/registration at 269-673-2479; director@alleganchamber.com



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