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Postural Ergonomic Assessments Offered

If there is a way to improve your employee’s productivity and reduce time lost from work would you be interested in doing so? Do you believe there is always room for improvement?  Have you implemented good ergonomics like a stand-up desk or equipment etc., but wondered if there was still more that could be done?

A good ergonomic assessment must include and assess these four components on each worker: Environmental, Functional, Postural, and Brain-Based.  If you are missing one or more of these, you may unknowingly be missing an opportunity to improve your and your employee’s work performance.  Wouldn’t you like to know?

Call Allegan County Chiropractic Health Center to set up a time to learn how the four components of Brain-Based Postural Ergonomic Assessments help improve employee productivity, reduce lost work time, and create a healthier, happier work environment.

Contact Kathryn Hafer B.S., D.C., CPE at 269 673-5426  or kathrynhafer@att.net

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