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Ric & Stan’s Carwash Returns to Allegan

Ribbon Cutting (2 compressed)It’s go time at Ric & Stan’s Carwash in Allegan as the green ribbon is cut and the line of cars is allowed in to be greeted by Ric & Stan’s friendly staff.

When Ric and Stan Brokus built their first carwash in Allegan 32 years ago, who would have thought Ric & Stan’s Carwash would still be going strong today.

After the first carwash in Allegan was built, Ric went on to build another carwash in Otsego. Shortly thereafter he purchased an existing carwash in Allegan.  The three washes, two in Allegan and one in Otsego, were updated several times over the years up until 2005, at which time Ric sold the two carwashes in Allegan.  Ric’s son Eric then stepped in and did a major renovation on the Otsego carwash.  Eric continued to operate and improve that carwash over the next ten years which brings us to 2015.

Having spent his entire life living within a carwash family, Eric decided to pursue his passion further.  On May 1st, 2015 he and his wife Angela purchased the two Allegan carwashes that Ric had sold ten years earlier.  “I couldn’t be happier for them” Ric stated.  “They are able to incorporate the latest technologies in computerization, social media, etc. into the business. Allowing the customer to sign up for unlimited carwashes for $14.99 per month and having a barcode placed on their windshield to be scanned just blows me away. The customer doesn’t even have to open their window, they just drive in and get a wash anytime they wish. What a great concept”.

As for the future says Eric “We have made a major investment into new equipment and technologies since we took over on May 1st.  You can check out our Facebook page and see much of the progress. I got started in the carwash business when I was 10 years old, and I am extremely proud to be able to carry on the wonderful business and name that my father and his father started 32 years ago.  I love the community, and am looking forward to continually striving to provide the city of Allegan with the best carwashing experience possible.”

Ric is still very involved but in a different capacity than ten years ago, “I mostly help with the back room mechanical stuff, that’s the part I enjoy.  The kids can run the day to day business and they do a great job of it. I’m very proud of Eric and Angela”

“It is a pleasure working alongside Eric and Ric.  They are passionate, knowledgeable, and highly respected in the carwash industry.  They put considerable time and focus into how each piece of equipment touches the car combined with dialing in the wash solutions to ensure a clean vehicle.  They amaze me with their dedication and never ending pursuit” says Angela.

Unlimited wash passes start at only $14.99 a month and allow you to wash your vehicle as many times as you want.  They can be purchased at Ric & Stan’s location at 950 Marshall St. in Allegan during normal business hours of 8-7 Monday thru Saturday and 10-6 on Sunday.  They also have self serve bays operating 24/7 at that location.

Other locations in Allegan are 543 Jenner Drive (across from Shopko) with 24/7 self serve bays. The Otsego wash is located on M-89 in Otsego (next to Upper Crust restaurant) which features 2 automatic wash bays and 4 self serve wash bays all of which are open 24/7.

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