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Support AAHS Applied Battery Technology Course

Allegan Alternative High School is working hard to pioneer new and innovative ways to immerse students in powerful STEM experiences.  Starting in March, AAHS science will partner with Tom Peele, retired engineer, business owner, patent holder, and community member to deliver Applied Battery Technology, an innovative, hands-on course curriculum centered around cutting edge battery technology.

Using batteries that can be found in modern technology like Tesla cars, students will design, manipulate and build rechargeable battery systems that can serve as simple power packs for phones or tablets but also be scalable to provide power for any number of applications, some of which our STEM curriculum students are already engaged in making.  These parallel projects include underwater robotics, gardening, aquaponics, and mini innovative vehicle design.

The curriculum covers a broad range of state science standards and aligns well with both the framework and the spirit of the Next Generation Science Standards, as it offers students an inquiry-based exploration of the scientific principles that will be necessary for functioning in our highly tech-driven future.  This type of fundamental understanding can ultimately lead to positive life outcomes, one possibility being employment in tech industries that will serve to meet the vast energy storage needs of the near future.

In Allegan County, there are established companies working at the leading edge of these fields, the major one being LG Chem.  Mr. Peele has already been in contact with a representative from the company, and we hope to foster a partnership with them as well as other businesses in the area.   Click here for General Outline & Objectives for Teaching

Total donations in the amount of $1200.00 are needed to launch this program.  This funding is for the necessary materials that students will need to create these battery packs and, hopefully, to initiate a lifelong appreciation of the STEM-centered ability that despite not always being properly nurtured, is so evident in all of our students.

Please contact Mark Mattox at Allegan Alternative High School if you are able to contribute to the $1200.00 fundraising goal or with further questions regarding the Applied Battery Technology course:


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